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10975 Grandview Dr., Suite 200

Overland Park, KS  66210

Phone: (913) 851-6300 or Tollfree: (800) 334-6788

Fax: (913) 851-6210


Press Releases

â�¢    Overland Park, KS Agrex Inc. is announcing the name change of all FGDI offices and locations through out the United States from the current business name of FGDI, A Division of Agrex, to AGREX INC. for all business and trading transactions, as of September 1, 2014. This change will allow a consolidated focus for the two businesses in our domestic and international trading.



Who We Are...


Agrex is a full-service agricultural commodity trading company handling grain, oilseeds, feed ingredients, hay, and many other food ingredients from origination and marketing to financing and logistics.




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Facts and Firsts:


 â�¢ Agrex Inc. is one of the major exporters of U.S. feed grains.

 â�¢ Agrex Inc. is the world largest exporter of Non-GMO Tofu Bean and Natto Bean.

 â�¢ Agrex Inc. is the largest exporter of Non-GMO Corn.

 â�¢ Agrex Inc. is one of the top processors and exporters of Alfalfa & Timothy Hay Cubes.

 â�¢ Agrex Inc. is North America’s largest exporter of Dehydrated Alfalfa Pellets.

 â�¢ Agrex Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of processed hay for the U.S. domestic and export markets.



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